Intuitive Eating Workshop: How to eat chocolate and still achieve your health goals

Aigner Chocolates and Diana’s Nutrition & Wellness Tips have teamed up to educate you on how to build healthy relationships with chocolate or any other favorite food, while still achieving your health goals.

– Do you love chocolate, but often go through cycles of restricting and overeating?

– When you emotionally eat, you crave chocolate?

– Do you want to find a balance way of eating?


On Monday, June 25th, at Aigner Chocolates in Forest Hills (103-02 Metropolitan Ave.), you will learn about ‘Intuitive Eating’, an approach developed to help get off the dieting roller coaster of: restricting and overeating, feeling deprived and then out of control, and yo-yoing between weight loss and weight gain.

This workshop is for you, if:

– You want to learn how to trust yourself around all foods, even those considered “off limits”
– You want to be able to incorporate all kinds of pleasurable foods without guilt, shame or regret
– You struggle with emotional eating and want to learn how to better cope with stress and emotions
– You want to feel confident with your food choices
– You want to trust your body when it tells you it’s hungry and listen to it when it’s full

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This workshop will be lead by registered dietitian and eating psychology coach Diana Alberti.

This workshop will include a mindful chocolate eating experience (you get to try Aigner Chocolates!).

An open discuss what dieting mentality is and how it is sabotaging your health and goals. And you will learn the 10 principles of Intuitive Eating.

Join them at the beautiful Aigner Chocolates in Forest Hills one of the oldest chocolate shops in NYC. Aigner Chocolates are handmade daily, following traditional recipes since 1930.

Chocolate tasting is included with admission ticket.


Local pre-K teacher wins DOE’s Big Apple Award


Rhonda Corin, a Forest Hills pre-K teacher, has become the latest recipient for the Department of Education’s Big Apple Award.

Now in its third year, the award honors the best educators in the city who enrich their school communities, inspire students and model great teaching. She is one of 12 teachers who received the award out of 4,500 nominees. Corin, who works at P.S. 101 “The School in the Gardens,” said working with four-year-olds is a dream come true because “they are pure, they are untainted and they laugh probably 27 times a day.”

She earned a master’s degree from Mercy College and believes that learning has to be hands-on. For example, when the class learned about apples, the classroom transformed into an orchard and the kids made applesauce. When they discussed snowmen, Corin brought in snow to show them and then they analyzed why snow melted.

A teacher who is so invested in their students’ education should be honored all the time. Not only are they learning about aspects of the world, but they are learning about critical thinking as well.

Nominated by parents, Corin went through a rigorous process that included DOE representatives attending her classes, interviewing her and analyzing her methods to build trust between children and parents.

As part of the award, Corin received a $3,500 classroom grant. She also gets to serve as a fellow to Chancellor Carmen Fariña next year.