Soccer Friends USA Recreational Program Adds Competitive, Non-Profit Youth Travel League


Looking to offer more to the children and families of Queens, Soccer Friends USA, a recreational soccer academy in Central Queens, has created Queensborough United Soccer Club (QUSC). With three teams thus far [U8, U9, and U11] the main goal of QUSC is to be a successful community based program that helps make travel-league style youth soccer more affordable and easily accessible. Teams are formed solely on the merits of a try-out, and the only requirement for eligibility is that the child is a resident of Queens, and was born in the correct year of the team he or she hopes to make.

QUSC is based out of Forest Hills, and practices year-round two-days a week indoors and outdoors as its players perform in sanctioned leagues in Brooklyn and Long Island as well as in prestigious regional tournaments. QUSC officially became a non-profit organization in the summer of 2016 and has already completed its first season of play in the Long Island Junior Soccer League this past Fall. The new Spring season began on March 25th, as QUSC, the lone Queens representative looks to represent its borough with pride and passion.


QUSC believes in five principles that set them apart from similar organizations and that they believe will help make them the premier destination for the children of Queens to play competitive youth soccer. These beliefs are: that by growing the game of soccer in the United States, setting standards of behavior that contribute to a child’s personal development, progressing the latent soccer abilities of all players, accepting a responsibility to foster a love for the game, and by always remembering the importance of allowing players to have fun that we will grow as a iconic landmark for children to play and learn here in Queens.

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Blood Drive at 112th Precinct TODAY

112 Precinct Blood Drive

The New York Blood Center and the 112th Precinct are hosting a blood drive TODAY (Thursday, March 16) from noon to 6 p.m.

For eligibility, you must bring a blood donor card or have an ID with a signature or photo. You must have a minimum weight of 110 pounds, eat well and drink fluids. Participants can be as young as 16 (with parental permission) up to age 76 (with doctor’s note).

Visit the muster room at the precinct for the blood drive.


Forest Hills received many parking tickets in 2016

Photo: ParkItNYC

Photo: ParkItNYC

Real estate website RentHop recently released information showing how many parking tickets were issued within the city’s neighborhoods. And with no surprise, Forest Hills and Rego Park were two of the neighborhoods in Queens to receive many tickets in 2016.

RentHop’s results were found by using NYC’s OpenData Portal, where they discovered that the Department of Finance issued over 10 million tickets in 2016 or about $715 million in revenue prior to any late fees.


Queens received 23.6% of the city’s parking tickets with 62.4% of households in the borough having a vehicle. Between Forest Hills and Rego Park’s population of 122,070 people, there were 109,287 tickets issued with a dollar value of $6,282,145. Neighboring Kew Gardens and Richmond Hill, with a population of 144,215, received 79,569 tickets worth $5,347,590.

Meanwhile, neighborhoods such as St. Albans, South Jamaica and the area near JFK Airport were issued 24,029 tickets worth $1,738,455.

Forest Hills and Rego Park didn’t make the top ticketed neighborhood in the borough, however. Astoria was the most ticketed part of Queens and actually came in second for the city. There were 219,853 tickets issued in Astoria last year, for an area with a population of 202,759. The total dollar value for Astoria’s tickets were $12,709,505, which only comes behind the Upper East Side’s $19,812,010 worth of tickets. This is the second time the Upper East Side has taken the top spot of the city’s most ticketed areas.


Taste of the World Food Festival Photos

_MG_9089On Sunday, the sixth annual “Taste of the World” International Food Festival gave many people an opportunity to try different cuisines from restaurants around Forest Hills and the rest of the borough.
Nearly 200 attendees sampled food from diverse restaurants such as Banter, Bareburger, Knish Knosh, Reef, Shake Shack, Matiz, Don Alex, Jack & Nellie’s, Rove, Brooklyn Cupcake, La Dolce Italia Bakery and Martha’s Country Bakery.
Event coordinator Denise De Maria said for the first time in the festival’s history, the list of participating restaurants expanded to 30, which is ten more than last year.
The event is also a fundraiser for Our Lady of Queens Martyr School, which hosts the tasting.

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New footage of suspect’s car linked to robberies

fh suspect car

There is new footage that may link to a suspect wanted for attacking and robbing three women in the Forest Hills area.

The suspect is described as a 6’0″ black male with a medium build and a dark colored sweatshirt. In the three cases, the women were either struck with an object to the head or punched in the face. One victim is as old as 82 years old.

During the last incident, the man stepped out of a car before approaching his victim around 5:45 p.m. at 70-47 Harrow Street. The man came from behind and hit the 53-year-old on the head with a blunt object. The victim fell to the ground unconscious and she found that her purse was stolen after she awoke.

The footage shown below is surveillance video obtained from 69-33 Harrow Street. The video was taken prior to the last incident and is about one block away from the incident’s location. According to officials, the vehicle is described as a dark blue sedan, possibly a Mercury Grand Marquis, which was traveling eastbound on Harrow Street.